Whats new at Kommon Poll? (March 2024 Edition)

We’re excited to share with you the newest updates and features we’ve rolled out this month to enhance your social listening experience.

1. Reply Functionality: Engage directly with your audience through the Kommon Poll platform with our new reply feature for meta platforms. Seamlessly address comments, respond to concerns, and foster meaningful connections within your community. To begin, navigate to your social settings, link your meta accounts to Kommon Poll, granting necessary permissions for the pages provided. Then, in the mentions tab, select any eligible comment or post, and click on “reply” to compose and send your response.

2. Demographic Sentiments: Dive deeper into audience insights with demographic sentiment analysis. Gain valuable understanding of how various demographics perceive your brand or topic, enabling you to tailor your strategies effectively. Explore the demographics section in the dashboard to access corresponding sentiment graphs for each statistic.

3. Manual Mention Deletion: Precision is paramount in data management. That’s why we’ve introduced the capability to manually delete irrelevant mentions directly from your Kommon Poll dashboard. Take charge of your data integrity by heading to the mentions tab and clicking on the ‘x’ button on the top right corner of each mention card to initiate deletion. Please note, this action is permanent and will impact all your searches, however, will not affect your team.

4. Customizable Reports: Personalize your reports to align with your specific requirements using our new customization options. Select the metrics, visuals, and layout that are most pertinent to your objectives, presenting your data in a format that resonates. Access report settings to finely adjust PDF and slide settings, handpicking the content to be included in your report.

5. PowerPoint Slide Export: Effortlessly craft impactful presentations by exporting your insights directly into PowerPoint slides. Construct compelling narratives and seamlessly share your findings with your team or clients. Simply download slides based on your customized settings by clicking on the “download slides” button within a given search.

6. Clickable Redirects: Navigate seamlessly between different sections and filters of your reports with clickable redirects. Streamline your analysis process and delve deeper into the data with just a click. Simply click on elements such as platforms, authors in the mentions analysis tab, or sentiment indicators in the sentiment tab to redirect to a filtered view of the relevant section.

7. Zoomable Charts: Get a closer look at your data with our new zoom feature for charts. Zoom in to examine trends and patterns in detail, empowering you to uncover valuable insights.

8. Comparison Presets: Save time and enhance efficiency in your analysis with comparison presets. Easily compare different brands, industries, or topics at the click of a button, enabling you to identify trends and opportunities more effectively. When saving a search, select the search type and its parent search (if applicable) to automatically load related searches for comparison.

9. Comparison PowerPoint Export: Elevate your presentations with comparison slides directly exported from Kommon Poll. Showcase key insights and trends side by side, providing your audience with a comprehensive analysis. Click on the “download slides” button in the comparison section to obtain this report.