Technical Pitching:

A look into successful technical investor pitches


Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT)




12th May 2024



About the Event

Synapse AI Labs presented at  an insightful event organised by code sprint of IIT. The session, attended by a diverse group of professionals and enthusiasts, was a unique opportunity to gain practical insights enriched by academic depth, centered around the innovative strides we are making in AI and keyword performance analysis.

The highlight of the event was our flagship product, Kommon Poll. This groundbreaking tool, which triumphed at the John Keels X Accelerate Program, has revolutionized the way keyword performance analysis is conducted online. Our Founder & CEO, Nikin Matharaarachchi presentation detailed the journey of Kommon Poll, from its initial concept to the acclaimed product it is today. He candidly shared the challenges encountered and the strategic decisions that propelled Kommon Poll to its current success.

Throughout the session, Nikin provided invaluable insights into effective product pitching and problem-solving. He emphasized the critical importance of clearly identifying the problem a product aims to solve. Understanding and articulating this problem is foundational to developing a solution that genuinely addresses the needs and pain points of the target audience.

Another key takeaway was the art of crafting a compelling solution story. Nikin highlighted the necessity of structuring this narrative to emphasize the transformation and benefits that the product brings. Engaging storytelling not only captures interest but also makes complex technical details more relatable and easier to understand.

Nikin also delved into strategies for communicating technical details effectively. Simplifying complex concepts is essential, and he shared methods such as using analogies, visual aids, and focusing on clarity and relevance to ensure that the audience remains engaged and informed.

The power of utilizing demonstrations and prototypes was another focal point. Nikin illustrated how live demos can significantly enhance understanding and retention, providing a tangible experience that makes the solution more memorable.

Validation was also a major theme. Nikin discussed various strategies for validating a solution, including customer feedback, pilot testing, and data analysis, all of which are crucial for building credibility and confidence in a product’s effectiveness.

Lastly, Nikin offered tips on mastering Q&A sessions, which are integral to effective presentations. Handling Q&A with composure and professionalism, acknowledging uncertainties, and fostering a collaborative atmosphere can significantly enhance engagement and reinforce the presenter’s expertise.

The session concluded with a forward-looking discussion on the future of AI in keyword performance analysis and beyond. Nikin’s vision for Synapse AI Labs continues to inspire us all, and the success of Kommon Poll stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and technical prowess of our team.