what is sentiment polarity

Sentiment polarity is the positive or negative orientation of a piece of text. Positive sentiment means the text is generally upbeat and optimistic, while negative sentiment means the text is generally downbeat and pessimistic.

In order to determine the sentiment of a text, we first need to identify the key words and phrases that signal positive or negative sentiment. These can be words like “good”, “great”, “bad”, or “terrible”, or phrases like “love this” or “hate that”. Once we’ve identified the sentiment-bearing words and phrases, we can then count up how many are positive and how many are negative. This will give us a good indication of the overall sentiment of the text.

If the text has more positive sentiment than negative, it is said to be positive. If it has more negative sentiment than positive, it is said to be negative. And if the amount of positive and negative sentiment is roughly equal, the text is said to be neutral. So, sentiment polarity is simply a way of gauging the overall tone of a piece of text. It can be useful for things like understanding customer sentiment towards a product, or identifying the dominant sentiment in a social media conversation.

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